Student Handbook

The following TMYO student policies have been adopted to ensure that all students have the best possible experience.

TMYO Attendance

TMYO musicians are required to attend all rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and concerts. Attendance rules are strict because the quality of the program depends upon orchestra members who are fully committed.

After three absences in the same semester, the student and the conductor will be notified. On the fourth absence of the semester, the student will be dismissed. If an emergency situation occurs, please notify us at staff@tmyo.org

Required Attendance
An absence from a required dress rehearsal or concert, as indicated in the schedule, without a justifiable excuse, shall result in automatic dismissal of the member.

Rehearsal Absence Form

School Schedules
All participating students must follow the TMYO Program rehearsal schedule, regardless of individual school schedules, such as school vacations and holidays.
Please refer to the TMYO calendar before making any travel or vacation plans.

Seating Audition Policy
Students, who do not attend seating auditions on the day of the auditions, will be automatically placed at the end of the section.

2. Rehearsals

Student Commitment
Like professional musicians, students are expected to be present and on time, and prepared for all rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances.

Rehearsal Etiquette
Arrive early, set up, warm up by rehearsal start time.
No food/candy/gum or drink in rehearsal hall.
Appropriate clothing attire is required at rehearsal.
Please do not use your phone while rehearsal is taking place.

Post Rehearsal Pick-Up
Because conductors and staff often need to leave promptly, parents must arrange to pick up students as soon as the rehearsal or concert ends. TMYO does not assume responsibility for students or their instruments.

Rehearsal Cancellations
In the event that a rehearsal cancellation is necessary, students will be notified via “remind app”. The cancellation information also will be posted on the website.

Weather Cancellation Policy
If Hillsborough County Public Schools fail to open or if they close during the day on a scheduled rehearsal day due to weather, that evening’s rehearsals will be canceled. However, weather conditions may change during a day when schools are open and make it necessary for us to cancel a rehearsal. In such cases, an email will be sent to TMYO families. The cancellation also will be posted on the home page of our website by 4 p.m. You may assume that the scheduled rehearsal will take place if we have not provided a notification of cancellation by that time. Please make sure we have an email address for you that you will be able to check during the day.

We recognize that our families come from a variety of locations and that many of you travel long distances to attend TMYO rehearsals. We will try to learn as much as we can, but we cannot always know the road and weather conditions on all of your routes. If you feel it is dangerous to attend a rehearsal, please stay home! Your safety is our primary concern.

3. Rehearsal Supplies

What to Bring to Rehearsal

Your instrument and all proper accessories (mutes, rockstops, extra strings, percussion mallets, etc.)
A pencil with an eraser. It is important not to use pen on music; it is often rented and cannot be returned with pen marks. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for all music checked out to you, and you will be billed for all music lost or returned late.

Your music in the proper music folder. Do not rely on your stand partner; bring your music to every rehearsal. Keep your music in the folder labeled with your name.

4. Music

Digital Music Access
It is the student’s responsibility to be certain that he or she has all the music that has been assigned. Bring your folder to every rehearsal. Do not rely on your stand partner, as he or she may be unexpectedly absent. We will have digital copies of the music available. If you do not have your music with you at rehearsal, you can access your part digitally.

5. Concert Dress Code


Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonic Orchestra:



Black dress
Long-sleeve black blouse
Long or calf-length skirt or black trousers
Dress shoes



Option #1

Full black tuxedo including:
White tuxedo shirt
Black bow tie
Cummerbund or vest
Black tuxedo slacks and jacket
Black dress shoes

Option #2
If you do not own a tux:
Black jacket
White dress shirt
Black bow tie
Black dress pants
Dress shoes

Symphonic Strings and String Concertino:


Long-sleeve white blouse
Long or calf-length skirt or black trousers
Dress shoes

Black tuxedo pants or dress slacks
Solid white tuxedo shirt or dress shirt
Black bow tie
Black socks
Black dress shoes

6. Tuition Policy

The Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra is a non-profit organization —  we count on tuition revenue to operate and serve our student members. Tuition for TMYO is $450/year, which may be broken down to $225/semester. Tuition is due and payable before the first rehearsal of each semester.

Please note: If your family falls into a financial hardship throughout the season, please contact us at Staff@tmyo.org. If necessary, payment plans and scholarships based on financial need are available to assist TMYO families with tuition.

Any student with an outstanding balance owed to TMYO, will not be allowed to audition for future TMYO seasons until the outstanding tuition balances have been paid in full.

7. School Enrollment

Enrollment Requirement
Students are required to enroll as regular members of their school band or orchestra, if offered.

Orchestra Program
Students accepted into the program on a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, string bass and harp) must be enrolled in their school orchestra.

Band Program
Students who are accepted into the program on a wind, brass or percussion instrument must be enrolled in their school band.

Home School
Home School students who also elect to attend classes at a school are subject to the same TMYO program membership requirements as public, private or parochial school students.

TMYO is a community organization that believes in supporting our young musicians as well as local school orchestral, band, and music programs. From time to time, waivers or exceptions to this policy may be granted in extraordinary circumstances with appropriate supporting documentation. Waivers are at the sole discretion of the Executive Director.

8. Communication

Email – 
The TMYO staff communicate with students and parents primarily via email, staff@tmyo.org. Students and parents will receive emails on a regular basis regarding rehearsal schedules, performances and other important events. Send any changes in your contact information to staff@tmyo.org. If you feel you are not receiving TMYO emails, check your junk/spam folder as this is often where mass emails end up. Please note: if you do not use email, please advise us on the best way to contact you.

The TMYO website is the best place to find current information about rehearsals, performances, and other activities. Please bookmark our website, www.tmyo.org.

9. Parent Support

TMYO parents supply vital support for the TMYO program. Assistance at rehearsals and concerts, helping with a fundraiser or orchestral communications are all things in which we might ask for your help. Anyone who is eager to become involved in projects within the TMYO program is encouraged to volunteer, please contact staff@tmyo.org. Please share your talents, interest, ideas and time with the TMYO Program!

10. Auditions & Orchestra Placement

Auditions to TMYO are done prior to the start of each semester; fall and spring. Musicians are encouraged to audition for the highest placement in relationship to their playing ability. In some instances, musicians may be placed in the group above or below their original intended group, based on their audition. Group placement is at the sole discretion of the Artistic Staff and Music Director.

TMYO believes in opportunity and music for all. We welcome all interested musicians to the TMYO community. If a musician wishes to audition after the scheduled audition period, musicians are encouraged to email staff@tmyo.org. Late auditions are facilitated on a case-by-case basis and are at the sole discretion of the Executive Director, Music Director, and Artistic staff. Please note, this policy is only applicable to auditions for entrance into TMYO.

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